Oblationes ad Nihilum

by Tahazu



Full album by one- man Black Metal/Extreme Metal artist Tahazu!!! Turn off the lights, descend to the basement, go where you need to to listen to the elements of raw and atmospheric nihilism and occult connotations in your "special place", in the catacombs and masoleums, cellars, Forests, dungeons and attics.



released December 5, 2016

All guitars, drum programming and lyrics/vocals by Derek Jacobsen except "Cultores de Sommo Mortis in Perpetuum" vocals/lyrics by Wraith of Forgotten Soul. All rights reserved, 2016.

Equipment used:
Line 6 Spider IV 30
Jackson DKMGT Trans Blk
DR coated strings
Blue Snowball Microphone
Audacity Open Source
Hydrogen Open Source Drum Program



all rights reserved


Tahazu Wisconsin

Now on WitchCult & Hypogeum Records.
US Army Veteran, Metal musician.
-Tahazu means battle in Sumer/Babylonian.
- Guitars for TETH-NAHASH.
-SludgeFactory collaborations.
-Decarabia guest guitars/vocals.
-Prior bands:
In Time of the Plague-Appleton, Wisconsin
Nihil Rising/ Fetal Harm- Guitar/vocals, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
-Vocals on I Deal Suicide tracks
-Guitars for Bowel Maggots (Greece).
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Track Name: Nothingness
Atrophy of the mind in a vastness a void of meaningless noise and hearts profound with self a disease of vanity beholden to the eyes of the world a rhetoric of longing for desire.
Agony, in existence
Desperation of the corporal lust insatiable for the will and love of ignorance and lost self control absent is the mind of blind faith disdain of the ways of consuming emptiness triumphant in the isolation and abhorrence of man, embrace in the fact that nothing is forever a rhetoric of longing for desire broken souls and wandering thoughts of a black consciousness embrace in the fact that nothing is forever.
Track Name: Falling
Endless suffering in a continuum of decay nothing will exist in the end of life trials forever endured by unrelenting will
nothing is forever damned in fire cursed in the void
atrophy of desire in man's pursuit for love failure in its discovery of true being neverending ignorance blacken the skies in ash
fire in the mind nothing is forever cursed in the void nothing is forever damned in fire cursed in the void
Track Name: Offerings to Emptiness
The soul, a shattered concept of the woken self and its eternal strife suffering, the blood satiates the only needs of desperate pleas and deeds of malice our hate, fortuitous to sanctity of free will, a death of broken centuries. (x2)
Track Name: Absent II
Damnation tempts reality falsity unto the masses contempt for blind faith admonish the reality embrace the hellfire of life and war divinity in true self gods we are all violation of all sanity (x2)
Track Name: Et Descendit Procella
The blackest depths inside ourselves are a relegation of seated fears and succulent desires forever longing for absolving pleasure and hedonism, descending to the inevitable the end of all breath all life a consummation of desperation and gray bleak existence, hell is a place we all know yet wonder the limits of knowledge and pain all consuming relishment, deepening the void, coarse is the hair on the backs of winged self demons screaming through the ashen skies of dreams. (x2)