by Tahazu



One- man Extreme Metal artist Derek Jacobsen's second full Black Metal EP self- produced. Contact for use on compilations, splits, and contract opportunities.

(Updated 2017) Photo by Jenny Karlsson (Finland).


released October 3, 2016

Derek Jacobsen- Vocals, guitars, drum programming and effects sampling
Nikolas Dexx (Bowel Maggots)- Guest vocals



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Tahazu Wisconsin

Now on WitchCult & Hypogeum Records.
US Army Veteran, Metal musician.
-Tahazu means battle in Sumer/Babylonian.
- Guitars for TETH-NAHASH.
-SludgeFactory collaborations.
-Decarabia guest guitars/vocals.
-Prior bands:
In Time of the Plague-Appleton, Wisconsin
Nihil Rising/ Fetal Harm- Guitar/vocals, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
-Vocals on I Deal Suicide tracks
-Guitars for Bowel Maggots (Greece).
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Track Name: Traversing Corporal Being (Feat. Nikolas Dexx of Bowel Maggots)
Nocturnal astral body. My tantric sigil...transport me. Lightless void of stars. I found salvation in death. A love between the souls. Darkness encircling, chaotic chromosomes. Your gift, my curse. Symbolic cross. Religion's death. Impurify the pain...disintegrate. Dream, scars...falling through starless oblivion. Forest, whispers, blood. Let my body leave this world through my dreams. Brain dead...left to die alone. Forever! Aeternus Satani (x4). Majestic perfection of lonely death. Aeternus Satani. ROT!
Track Name: The Pale Shell of Man
Frail bones and sinews form your coil, a mortality known from orgasm to boil and rot. Indulging in the revelations of the weak and decrepit slums purporting the truth of self awareness, self hatred naught- do what thou wilt. Crushing the empires, contorting our eyes, driving the nails to the worms, the nephilim begging for freedom for the will of all, feed the soil, set your terms. Feed the worms, social lividity denies your oppression from false tales and loss of sanity, your skin will one day be cold and white, sullen eyes, no life, food for the balance, the will of natural rights, feed the worms, social lividity and deny the lies of all gods.
Track Name: Anzillu Ma Mul- Abomination and Celestial Body (who shine in the Heights)
Abomination, birth of truth and light, overseer of mortality, they burden us not, they set us free. Do what thou wilt, such is the whole of the law, destroyer of worlds, defend our truth, share the knowledge of the stars, share the eternity, defend our truths, share our eternity.
Track Name: Rotting
The sands of time grate the flesh away, rigor long past the festering begins- Decay, the sacrifice feeds not just the forsaken one, Disintegrate, become one with the earth and sun. This morbid display to appease the wrath feeds the maggots and flies whispering in the shadows. The flesh decays