Banen Vredens

by Tahazu



This is the first full album of one-man Metal act Tahazu (US Army Veteran Derek Jacobsen) in the genre of Black Metal. The songs provide an uncompromising story of the path of a pagan warrior killing his way to a hidden gift from the old gods (banen vredens means "the path of wrath"), guided by a dark messenger/wanderer (Mørket Vandreren) .


released October 20, 2016

Guitars, Drum programming, vocals (ex. Call Unto Pazuzu) and sampling editing by Derek Jacobsen; Vocals on Call Unto Pazuzu by Wraith of Forgotten Soul.

This album was recorded in a home studio using Audacity, Blue Snowball microphone, Hydrogen opensource drum program, Jackson guitar and Line 6 amplifier on no budget.



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Tahazu Wisconsin

Now on WitchCult & Hypogeum Records.
US Army Veteran, Metal musician.
-Tahazu means battle in Sumer/Babylonian.
- Guitars for TETH-NAHASH.
-SludgeFactory collaborations.
-Decarabia guest guitars/vocals.
-Prior bands:
In Time of the Plague-Appleton, Wisconsin
Nihil Rising/ Fetal Harm- Guitar/vocals, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
-Vocals on I Deal Suicide tracks
-Guitars for Bowel Maggots (Greece).
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Track Name: Man, Hand of Death
The end is near
hordes against themselves in an unending war a global disease contrived and commanded by the meek to stoke the fires of annihilation
death feeds on all
death feeds on all
Chaos takes the helm when wills collide in the grand display of fires and brains (of) the world, blows away into the kindling of solace
death feeds on all
death feeds on all
Track Name: Onde Krefter
Leathered wings guide the hand the will of the eldest dark wrought with fire and pestilence, the shadows spread upon the land consuming all ravaging power of fear and abomination the mighty evil presence
rain doom
waste the land (x2)
No distance how far can frun from the will of the eldest dark brimming with malice, rise of the old ones the world will know the true vengeance and wrath
rain doom (x2)
waste the land (x4)
Track Name: Mørket Vandreren
Oh, servant of the night light of truth a hall of stone (for the) great wanderer, guide the way to the cave of ash, to breathe the flames of hell granting the power to conquer.
Oh, servant of legion, beholden to truth and fire show the starlit path to the answers with the steel slashing the way to the most sacred of gifts.
Wanderer, great wanderer (x2)